1. Leaseholder’s rights and obligations :

1.1. The leaseholder must have a valid identity document and a category B driving license with at least 5 years of driving seniority .
1.2 . Pay a deposit of 200 EUR at booking confirmation , which remains as a security against the vehicle until it is returned.
1.3. The security shall be refunded when the vehicle is returned in the following condition:
The interior is clean.
Internal equipment (scheduled and completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s settings, as belongs to this model), is in fully working and intact condition.
Event of damage and losses are evaluated and offset by the parties’ by mutual agreement.
No damage to motor vehicle due to accident, mechanical or chemical means.
No odour due smoking or flammable contents or other material leaving a characteristic smell .
Technical condition were accepted, recorded, and readings from instruments taken.

2. Lessor ‘s rights and obligations :

2.1. Transfer Vehicle is technically sound, complete and ready for the next hire. The vehicle may be collected in the evening without adding an extra day’s charge to the lease agreement. The vehicle may be returned late but prior notifcation must be given.
2.2 . At least 10 days written notice must be given if you wish to terminate the hire.
2.3. Hire vehicle on the date agreed .
2.4. The rental price includes a fee for liability insurance, green card and CASCO insurance ( if provided) , with a maximum of 300 EUR deduction .
2.5. Become aquatined with and accept the rules of use .
2.6. Right to charge an extra fee for additional equipment to rent.

3. Booking and payment conditions:

3.1. To reserve a vehicle when the contract is signed and the leseholder has agreed to pay a deposit within 1 day from the date of signing the contract . If the leasholder fails to pay within 2 days of the agreed booking fee , the landlord may cancel the contract.
3.2. Full rental price must be paid before the beginning of the lease term .
3.3. It shall be released immediately after a full inspection of the vehicle .
3.4. Delayed return of the vehicle will increase the fee for each day of delay .

4. Trip cancellation.

4.1. If leaseholder cancels hire before 20 days notice, only 50% of deposit is returned. If leaseholder cancels rental hire after 20 days notice, the deposit is not returned. It is possible to change return date to another date without losing your deposit but the return period has to be agreed by both parties.

5. Other :

Signature confirms that the leaseholder returned vehicle as recorded.

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