camper-in-forestCaravanning – Freedom, comfort, autonomy. Do you love the idea of experiencing the ever changing landscape? Do you feel constricted by hostels, restricted by bustle of reception lobbies and maddened the constant racket in major hotels? Of course you do, you go on holiday to get away from the the ever increasing pace of modern living. With our campervans and motorhomes, you choose where to stop and for how long. No longer will you be worrying about flights, hotel bookings and being charged a fee if you stay just a few minutes too long. You decide when and where you go. You can explore the wild landscape while still enjoying the conveniences of modern living.

With the road as your guide you will find places that only the locals know about, you will experience regional delicacies and home cooked rustic food. You will make friends and experience local hospitality while enjoying some of Europe’s’ most pristine natural sights. Travel with us and no matter when you go, it will be comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

Camping holiday

There are thousands of premier campsites all over Europe just waiting to be found. Each will provide you with your own patch of grass which has its own water supply, gas and electricity. Everything you need from essential commodities such as toothpaste and washing liquid to food is within easy reach of your campsite. For those lovers of the outdoors, you will be spoilt for choice, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball courts and nature trails are all waiting for you to use. After a hard sweat on the courts you can relax in the local spa. Don’t worry about the children, activity programs and games are all on offer, so they will not feel left out!



With a motorhome you have the freedom to stop wherever you want without having to give up the creature comforts of modern living. You can be one with nature and enjoy the peace and solitude of some of Europe’s most luscious forests. Feel the cool fresh air on your face in morning sun as you travel along a cool clear stream. Spend a few unforgettable days next to a lake, taking it in the sights as you get ready for a mountain hike. When it’s ready move on, just hop in your your motorhome and travel to the beach and gaze at the ocean with the warm sand beneath your toes.


Stay in Town

Europe is packed full of history. It has some of the most beautiful cities in the word, all within driving distance of each other. The freedom offered by a campervan means you could see some of Europe’s most iconic buildings and attractions every day of your holiday. Best of all, you can see them when you want to see them. Set on your own schedule. Experience the museums and cafés during the day and then in the evening visit a restaurant recommend by the locals. Explore and travel at your own pace. You have the thousands of years worth of history and culture to experience, all at the turn of a wheel.



Europe is home to some of the world’s most popular and breathtaking mountain ranges. With a campervan you can easily stay near a ski resort, and in many cases right next to a ski lift. In summer, you can go hiking or cycling and for those of you made of sterner stuff, you sail between heaven and earth as you glide up and down the ranges, soaring with the birds.


For those of you more at home on water than land, harness the power of mother nature and sail across the ocean in a water glider. Feel the raw power of a speedboat as it effortlessly cuts through the waves. Catch your own fish and cook them over a hot fire to share with your friends. All of this is possible with the freedom of our campervans offer. Your imagination is the only limit. .activity